Income streams, or debt instruments, are just what the name sounds like. Debt, owed over a period of time, creates a stream of income for the person who will receive the payment. But, in the Cash Flow Industry, that stream of income is an asset that can be bought and sold just like any other asset.

Income Streams are Grouped as Follows:
Business-based income streams center around payments owed to a business by another business. Examples include but are not limited to accounts receivable (including construction, medical and bankruptcy), asset-based credit lines, commercial leases, purchase order funding (includes manufacturers, contractors, government vendors, or any business that operates with purchase orders), letters of credit, etc.

Collateral-based income streams are debt instruments that are secured by something of value — collateral such as a home, property, or a business that is pledged to ensure payment of the debt. Examples include but are not limited to private mortgage notes, business notes, mobile home notes, RV notes, commercial real estate, land notes, tax liens and certificates, etc.

Consumer-based income streams originate with individual consumers and are paid to businesses or other consumers. These income streams can include debt that is currently being paid as well as accounts that have not been paid for a period of time. Examples include but are not limited to consumer contracts, retail installment contracts, delinquent student loans, inheritances, trust advances and probates, etc.

Contingency-based income streams are less defined than other income streams. The person receiving the money may not be legally entitled to the debt or the amount owed is uncertain and contingent upon outside factors. Examples include but are not limited to consumer and commercial judgments, commissions, franchise and licensing fees, royalty payments, etc.

Government-based income streams are paid by the state or federal government to individuals. Examples include but are not limited to lottery winnings, military retirements, farm production flexibility contracts, etc.

Insurance-based income streams are paid to individuals by insurance companies, usually stemming from legal proceedings or insurance coverage. Examples include but are not limited to structured settlements, class action awards, annuities, casino winnings, etc.

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