Keep Your Cash Flow Ahead of the Game!

In today's market, cash is crucial for maintaining a healthy business environment. Most businesses don't have the luxury of waiting for things to happen in 30 days or more, or having to incur in debt just to get by for another month. At AlfaCapital Group our goal is to get you in control of your business by keeping a positive cash flow.

We offer various comprehensive tools that will increase your bottom-line cash flow:

• Factoring
• Purchase Order Funding
• Asset Based Lending
• Merchant Services / Electronic Transaction Processing
• Consumer Financing
• Equipment Leasing Programs
• Pre-Settlement and Structured Settlements Funding
• Conventional Commercial Loans
• Medical Funding
  and more!

AlfaCapital Group will assist you in determining the ideal program that will best fit your needs, and identify the appropriate funding source(s) to develop the best solutions that will meet those needs. Our extensive knowledge of alternate funding and our established relationships with our network of funding sources will help expedite the process of providing you with the extra cash flow you deserve.

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Are your accounts receivable piling up?

Lower your electronic transaction processing fees and increase your cash flow!

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